Restricted and Safe Surfweek 2020

Surfcenter Yyteri, Pori, Finland

Restricted and Safe Surfweek 2020

2020-06-29 Yleinen 0

20.-27.7. Monday – Sunday 

Restricted means that the use of premises is limited and the suggested form of accomodation is to use other accomodation options such as staying at the Yyteri camping site, renting a cottage or appartement, or staying at one of the hotels.

A limited number of spots will be designated for accomodation near the Yyteri Surfcenter:

-15 tents

-15 cars/mobile homes/vans without any side tents or additional tents

There is no guarantee of availability of these spots. The spots will be designated and monitored by the Surfcenter staff upon arrival.

The area in front of the surfcenter will be reserved for usage by daily visitors to windsurfing courses and will not be used for accomodation.

The event organizer reserves the right to call forth parking restriction officials if the rules are not followed.

Safe means that we will follow the official national instructions: “Indoor and outdoor events of size 50 – 500 people are allowed assuming that the THL and OKM safety instructions are followed regarding social distancing and hygiene”

Sports-organizations including SPLL are aiming to ensure peoples safety by restricting the number of people and by enforcing social distancing and personal hygiene measures.

The number of people using the Surfcenter showers and changing rooms are restricted: a maximum of 3 people in the men’s changing room and a maximum of 2 people in the women’s changing room. The limitations are also printed on the changing room doors.

The use of the sauna is limited and a specific schedule of usage will be put in place according to reservation.

We recommend changing clothes in your own form of accommodation, as the Surfcenter customers have priority over usage of the changing rooms while respecting the social distancing guidelines.

The changing rooms and showers are in use from 9:00 – 20:00. The toilets are in use all the time.

An third-party cleaning service will take care of cleaning the changing room facilities daily throughout surfweek.


The Yyteri Surfcenter and SPLL will make an additional investigation and risk assessment of required COVID-19 actions for Surfweek.


The schedule will be published sometime before Surfweek. Large gatherings will be avoided on the Surfcenter area. Instead the larger beach area and sea area will be used in the program.

The surfcenter kitchen is not in use. A small outdoor cooking and dishwashing area will be available for those staying near the Surfcenter.


The detailed Surfweek pricing for those accommodating will be informed later.  Those staying elsewhere pay only for the services used (shower, sauna, etc.)